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Kate Emily Brinly - Global Trauma Advocacy, Coaching and Consultancy

Hi my name is Kate Emily Brinly. I’m a qualified and experienced BPD Recovery Coach, Peer Worker and Consumer Consultant. I’ve founded Each Person Counts and from my own lived experience, I coach people through the distressing rollercoaster ride that is a life with Borderline Personality Disorder. I also advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and people experiencing Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD).

I’m really passionate about raising awareness that the symptoms of BPD are usually very normal and ordered responses to different forms of childhood trauma. In my work I refer to research and studies that support this view which is also shared by many other people in the helping professions.

People with BPD may or may not be consciously aware of their unresolved childhood trauma because this is the nature and effect of traumatic experience particularly that experienced in early childhood.

75% of people with BPD attempt suicide and 1 in 10 are so distressed, that they kill themselves. This is a tragic global statistic that highlights the extent of suffering currently being experienced by people with BPD.

I personally feel that the current Borderline Personality Disorder label is inappropriate and contributes to the stigma and misinformation surrounding BPD – however, I can only work with what we’ve got at this time.

I’m also passionate about raising awareness that BPD is a fully recoverable condition. It is not a life long experience. In time, the majority of people go into remission from BPD. We can learn emotional and thought regulation skills that allow us to not only live a life worth living but thrive.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is the most evidenced based form of treatment for BPD and I can personally attest that a quality program I completed has worked for me.

Based on 20 years of dedicated study and practice in healing and mindfulness I’ve created a free Youtube Healing Hub for anyone around the world to access – check it out here.

Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Human Relations, Communication and Sociology)

Southern Cross University

Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Counselling)

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration

RMIT Training

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAFE Brisbane

Qualified Facilitator

Teacher in Training Level 1 IREST Yoga Nidra

Integrative Restoration Institute

Certificate in Process-Experiential Emotion-Focused Therapy

Centre for Emotion Focused Practice

Assessing and Treating Complex Trauma

Workshop with Dr. Bethany Brand

ASIST Suicide Intervention Workshop

Living Works Education Australia

Internal Family Systems Introductory Workshop

With Simon d’Orsogna Associate Instructor with the Coherence Institute

Motivational Interviewing

Nexus Victorian Duel Diagnosis Initiative 

Lived Experience Training

Mental Health Victoria

Optimal Health

St Vincent’s

Hearing Voices Approach, Group Facilitation and Voice Profiling

Voices Vic


Crisis Telephone Counsellor

Youth Worker

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Counsellor and Advocate

Families and Parenting Advisor Department of Human Services

Case Manager and Employment Advisor Job Services Australia

Peer Support Facilitator Voices Vic

Peer Group Facilitator Community Mental Health

Consumer Consultant Inpatient Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Service


Recovery with Hope and Optimism

BPD Community Victoria, October 2016

Peer Facilitators as Role Models of Post Traumatic Growth

VMIAC Conference, November 2017

Compassionate Spirituality within the Psychotic Experience

Compassion in Psychosis Conference ISPS Australia, March 2018

Using IREST Yoga Nidra an Evidenced Based Form of Treatment to Heal Complex PTSD

The MHS Conference Adelaide, August 2018

Honouring and Following My Vocational Path

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health Vocation Works Forum Melbourne, October 2018

I’ve found all of the work that I’ve engaged in to be intrinsically rewarding and valuable.

These same principles drive me in my current role as a BPD Recovery Coach.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.


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