BPD Recovery Coaching


I majored in human relations, communication and sociology in my undergraduate degree and I also studied health science and holistic counselling. I have since trained in motivational interviewing, emotional CPR, family constellations and internal family systems therapy, IREST yoga nidra, intentional peer support and the hearing voices approach. These modalities have to taught me to coach holistically and from a belief in hope and recovery for all. I ask more from a stance of ‘what happened to you?’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you?’. As well as ‘what do you want to create, experience and enjoy in life?’. These modalities have given me skills in understanding how our families, though often unconscious and unintentional, can be partly causing our distress. I coach you on how to use skills to navigate and deal with any complex, challenging and toxically stressful relationship dynamics in your life. My training and education has taught me how to listen, hold space, support, encourage and coach you to get through the hardest times in life and to learn how to open and receive the gifts that come from resolving and transforming our experiences of being labelled with BPD.


Everyone can recover from being labelled with Borderline Personality Disorder, research proves this. It takes commitment, time, practice, skills and support but it is possible. If I can get through years and years of living in the depths of hell, then I believe that you can too. Not only have I survived and recovered but I’m now experiencing the joys and rewards that come from being on this now more balanced rollercoaster ride. I get to feel deeply, my small group of relationships/friendships are all genuine and authentic, I have strong boundaries and values, my mood is more even, I’m able to respond rather than react, I’m healthy and vibrant and my work is intrinsically rewarding. I’ve seen and witnessed the sheer strength, fortitude, will and grit that show it is possible to get through anything in life that BPD throws at us and to be able to come out the other end and make a positive difference in the world, how ever we choose to do that. As your coach I support you to find your gifts and new place in the world and it’s my honour and privilege to share that journey with you.



See About Me for details of my educational qualifications and professional work experience. Please note I am not a clinician and I do not diagnosis or treat patients. I am a coach walking along side you. Having traversed these paths well, I respect that the most powerful answers to your life’s questions lie within you.


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